Cold Yuxiang Eggplant (Cold Fish-Fragrant Eggplant)

  • 15 minutes
  • 2 servings
Yuxiang, or fish-fragrance, is one typical flavor type of Sichuan food. The final dish has bright reddish color and balanced salty, sour, sweet and spicy flavors with rich fragrances of scallion, garlic and ginger. This is a cold version of Yuxiang Eggplant.


Eggplant 10 Oz
Pickled Chili Pepper 16 grams
Ginger 6 grams
Garlic 12 grams
Green Onion 16 grams
Chili Oil 20 grams
Sugar 15 grams
Soy Sauce 10 grams
Vinegar 7.5 grams
Sesame Oil 1 gram
Salt 1.5 grams
Msg 1 gram


  • 1Prepare the ingredients. Mince ginger, garlic, pickled chili pepper and green onion separately.
  • 2Cut the eggplant and steam in a steamer for 8 - 10 minutes. Turn off heat and after the eggplant get cold naturally, load into a service bowl.
  • 3First mix salt, sugar, MSG and soy sauce in a sauce bowl in sequence, and then combine with minced pickled chili pepper, ginger, garlic and green onion. Finally mix in chili oil and sesame oil. Put the mixed sauce on the top of eggplant.

Tips & Notes