Quick Chongqing Xiaomian with Instant Sauce

  • 1 servings
Chongqing Xiaomian is a classic street dish of soup noodles which is extremely popular in Chongqing of China. It is a mala flavored noodles in soup, very tasty, spicy, and mouth numbing. Making from scratch takes some time, but with an instant sauce made in Chongqing, all you need to do is to boil noodles and flavor it with the authentic mala instant sauce.


Noodle 8 oz
Chongqing Xiaomian Sauce 1 sachet


  • 1Put 4 lb water in a pot and bring to a boil. Drop the noodles into the pot and turn to medium heat.
  • 2Put the instant sauce into a service bowl and add half bowl hot water from the pot. When the noodles are well done, transfer to the bowl and eat.

Tips & Notes

You can add some green vegetables to the boiling pot and load with the noodles to the service bowl