Tian Shui Mian (Sweet Water Udon Noodles)

  • 2 servings
Tian shui mian is a classic staple side dish in Chengdu of Sichuan. The hand-cut, udon-like noodles are sauced with concentrated soy sauce which are seasoned with sugar and a variety of spices. It tastes uper chewy in texture and sweet in complex taste. Oily chili and Sichuan pepper are optional, but give an addictive mala boost. Instead of handmade noodles, this recipe simply uses Udon noodles which can be easily found at supermarkets in America


Udon Noodles 8 oz
Garlic Cloves 2
Seasoned Soy Sauce 2 tbsp
Chili Oil 1 tbsp
Roasted Sesame 1 tbsp
Sichuan Pepper 1/2 tsp


  • 1Get a Japanese style Udon noodle at a supermarket
  • 2Add water to a pot and bring to a boil. Drop the Udon noodles into the pot and stir as need until cooked through. During boiling time, add garlic cloves to the mortar and pestle to crush down into paste.
  • 3Load the noodles into a bowl. Add all seasonings and mix well.

Tips & Notes

  1. The key is the seasoned soy sauce which provides the complex sweet taste.
  2. All the other ingredients are optional